You should redefine your idea of wealth in 2021

I am always growing my own food.

Even in crazy situations… maybe I’m onto something? And I’ve always had what I needed no matter where I go — why? Because I’m wealthy. Maybe I’m not the wealth you think of. No, I’m not wealthy like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Arabian Royalty. I am wealthy because:

My groceries are produced in my backyard, on my balcony or patio, and in the forest. My food subscriptions, my healthcare bill, and therapy costs are practically zero. Plus, I have more energy than 95% of people my age.

Think about the concept of wealth for a minute. When you’re 50+, you should have money saved, passive income flowing, and emergency funds ready to be considered slightly rich or wealthy. I took it a step further and wanted great health too.



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Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft


I’m Marjory Wildcraft, the founder of The Grow Network, an online community of 450,000 people who are stopping the destruction of the Earth via home grown food.